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Tournament Flow / Rules

This is the Tournament Flow / Rules Page. The place you should come first before you join a venue. So you have decided to test your skills at We are happy you are here, cellesports tries to bring like minded people together to create venues that are fun, friendly, and rewarding. Our current tournament offerings include:



We will add more in the future but this is the current list.


General Tournament Play

Getting into a venue

cellesports host both local and digital venues. We will post the dates for local venues.


Digital venues on the other hand, (which are often times used at local venues as well) are game areas that grant members access to the tournament arena. When a member that does not have access clicks on the venue, they will be greeted with the current bracket, and if it is a big tournament they will also be able to watch the matches.

When you get into the venue you will get access to the clan where the tournament takes place. You will also see who you are being matched up against. Once you enter a venue, you will be invited to the place where the tournament takes place.


The Tournament

Each clan that will be used for tournaments will have 1 to 3 referees. These members will ensure that people are being respectful and the bracket is being followed to ensure a proper tournament. The referee will either set up the game play itself (VainGlory) or will ask a member to start a friendly match with their opponent (Clash Royale). This process will be repeated until the end of the tournament.


The referee is an important role in a tournament. Take all requests from the referee and the referee only.

What Not to Do

Rude or Disrespectful Behavior – If a referee finds you acting this way, you will get one warning and get kicked from the tournament and the venue.

Tournament Interference – If a referee finds you interfering with the tournament you will be warned once and kicked the second time.

Professional Behavior – If a referee finds you to have professional behavior you will be rewarded in different ways. cellesports makes every effort to run professional tournaments. Professional players are commended. Commendations vary based on your current standing and the type of venue.

Referee has Final Say – Our referees take tournaments seriously. They are professional and make all of their decisions to ensure a fair, fun, and safe tournament environment. If a referee tells you to do something it is in the best interest of the tournament.


Multiple Tournament Kicks

Getting kicked from a tournament results in the following actions:


1st kick – You are put on probation and are emailed documents to assist in not getting kicked out again.

2nd kick – If you are kicked twice within a a year’s time, you will be refunded your credit balance, and will be banned from tournaments for a year.

It is hard to get kicked from a tournament if you go into it as a professional contender. It is easy to get kicked if you join a tournament venue with the intention to get kicked.



Have Fun!

The overall goal for this site is to have fun. If you have a suggestion as to how cellesports can make our site even more fun, we would love to here about it Contact Us