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You can now download mobile sports game Shot Online Golf: World Championship in Canada

Nothing better illustrates the universal appeal of golf than the fact that both Donald Trump and Barack Obama love to play it. Golf is the game of kings, and the only reason it isn’t more popular in real life is that you need a lot of equipment and a golf course to play it.

That’s the beauty of PC golf game Shot Online, from Korean developer Webzen. Since 2004, anyone with a computer and an internet connection has been able to get involved in some seriously polished multiplayer golfing action, and now iOS and Android gamers can join in too.

Give it a Shot Online

Shot Online Golf: World Championship was first announced earlier this year. It takes the basic gameplay of the PC version and refines it for mobile, letting you enjoy the world’s most popular golfing sports game on your favourite touchscreen device.

You can play in real time against other users, on real and fictional courses, but the customisation and enhancement elements are what really make Shot Online Golf: World Championship stand out from the crowd.

As you play, you’ll level up, unlock new skills, and buy new outfits and clubs. There are over 100 to collect. You can keep developing the skills that suit your playing style best, and dress your character in your favourite gear, giving you a totally personalised experience, from gameplay to aesthetics.

On the green!

Shot Online

Aside from playing missions to work your way up through the titles, you can visit the Academy and complete quests and training exercises, arming you with the skills you’ll need when you play against your fellow humans.

There are several different multiplayer options with self-explanatory names. Nearest competitions involve getting the ball near the hole, putting competitions see you trying to putt, and longest drive… well, you get the picture.

On top of all that, the Betting Challenge allows you to bet on yourself in 1v1 matches with in-game cash. You get double your money if you win, so it’s a useful source of gold if you ever need a bit extra to get yourself some fancy new clubs or clothes.

Sounds like a fair(way) deal


Shot Online Golf: World Championship had a closed beta earlier this year, and as a result, new features have been added and the whole thing has had a good polish. It has now been released in Canada.

If you happen to live in Canada, or have access to a Canadian Google Play or iTunes account (look it up: it’s easy) you can download Shot Online Golf: World Championship for free right now.

If not, you’ll have to wait until 2018 to step on the fairway.


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