I just saw a chart from Martin Nerurkar about the sales of his game Nowhere Prophet by platform.

He followed up with this tweet:

And if you’re wondering why the Microsoft Store isn’t on this graph, that’s because we haven’t made a single sale there in this entire time.— Martin making 💚 GOBLIN ERRANDS 💚 (@mnerurkar) August 5, 2022

Martin isn’t sure, for many reasons, how many copies he’s sold: his data is by revenue. But he estimates about 20,000 copies, with not one copy purchased on the Microsoft Store – a store that is automatically included in a platform that has 1.4 billion Monthly Active Users.

That’s a poor showing by Microsoft. The Microsoft store is terrible. It can’t work out whether it is a retail store for $59.99 games or an appstore offering safe, free, quality-of-life apps for Windows. It’s trying to be both (and I suspect failing at both).

With a potential footfall of 1.4 billion users a month, how is Microsoft letting this opportunity pass it by so badly?

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