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The Walking Dead: Our World augmented reality game hits app stores


AMC strikes again with a new twist to augmented reality (AR). AMC will be launching “Walking Dead: Our World” some time in the near future, and I can not wait to give it a try.

Part Pokemon Go part hack & slash, this new addition to AR gaming might be just what a person needs to settle some pent up stress. As with most AR games the plan is to augment zombies right where you are walking or standing. Depending on how much imagination and fun you plan on using can create some epic dodging, sumersaults, and dives to safety.

It is possible the zombie apocalypse will never come. I know, that sentence just made everyone feel a little sad inside, but cheer up, because AMC has got you covered.

Let’s Discuss What Might Go Wrong

Being a software developer often times lead me to speculate things that might go wrong or should have been there on launch.

Multiplayer Capabilities

The thought of having a fun time with my family and friends are the first thing that comes to mind in this game. Although the possibility would be a grand challenge to create a multiplayer environment that works seamlessly through devices would be very challenging, this would be the number one thing that would launch this game into the stratosphere on the game charts.

Actual Gameplay

There are many ways they could build the controls for this game. What I expect is a lazy fruit slash game. What I hope for is the utilization of the latest in physical object relation in VR/AR. To be able to choose a random weapon out of your garage or in the woods and use it to “hit & slash” zombies as they get within your proximity would yet again make this game unbeliveable.


These are a couple of things I am hopeful for. When “Walking Dead: Our World hits the Android and Apple devices I will be sure to put an analysis article out.


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