Ubisoft and Bungie have both put plans into motion that aim to help those affected by yet-ongoing bush fires in Australia, joining the ranks of studios like Crytivo that are rallying their communities to help raise funds during the disaster.

Bungie announced its charitable Bungie Foundation organization will kick off a program to benefit the Australian wildlife rescue organization WIRES as well as the NSW Rural Fire Service next week.

Starting January 16, Bungie says all profits from the sale of a T-shirt fundraising campaign will go to both organizations, up until the shirt is removed from sale in mid February. It’s a similar push to other Bungie Foundation fundraising efforts in the past, the most recent of which raised $1.6 million.

Ubisoft Australia, meanwhile, put forth a $30,000 donation to the Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund. It did so after its community asked it to run a donation drive in-game, noting in a Twitter statement that direct donations take a quicker approach than an in-game push.

The studio’s tweets also included a list of links for community members willing to donate to help the relief efforts, found here.

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