Have you ever wanted to drive a truck? Me neither. But there’s something about getting behind the wheel of a virtual truck and driving hundreds of virtual miles to deliver virtual goods to a virtual recipient that never gets old.

The latest truck sim to appear on our radar is Truck Simulator America, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to astragon’s TruckSimulation 16. As you’d expect, it gives you a fleet of trucks to drive across the United States delivering cargo.

We’re particularly excited about the setting. Driving trucks is as American as apple pie, and the US is the only country we can think of with a road cool enough to put on a t-shirt (we’re referring to Route 66, of course.)

Truck truck trucking

Truck Simulator America will see you exploring this vast country, travelling through a variety of different landscapes. One day you might find yourself roaring down a freeway in the sunny heat of Florida. The next you could be driving through a desert in Nevada, or a mountain range in Montana.

The finished game will boast an enormous open world environment. Though its scope will be more limited on release, new areas will be added in free updates until pretty much the whole of the US is mapped and ready to explore.

Exploration will presumably have to take a back seat to getting the job done. You’re playing a truck driver, after all, and it’s your responsibility to ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time and in one piece.

If you played TruckSimulation 16, you’ll be pleased to learn that Truck Simulator America is shaping up to be even better, with slicker graphics, a raft of new features, and many more management options. It’ll also have licensed trucks from iconic American truck manufacturers such as Kenworth and Mack.

Truck Simulator America is a while off yet, with a tentative launch window of Q4 (i.e., this winter.) Check out the game’s official site here.




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