With the announcement of Vainglory’s Autumn season, noticeably absent was the Immortals team that has just finished in 2nd place were in the recent Summer championships.  Today, the mystery has finally been revealed: Chief Pat’s Tribe Gaming has acquired the Immortals Vainglory roster and will be taking over the Immortals spot for the Vainglory8 North America Autumn season. The team members heading to Tribe Gaming are as follows:

Hints were already dropped yesterday that Tribe Gaming would be filling in the final spot for the VG NA Autumn Season.

Mark “HotSauceUT” Harlan,
Riley “DNZio” Haghian,
Ray “ttigers” Han,
Daniel “MaxGreen” Choi,
Alex “Xelciar” Matevosyan.

“It’s not often a roster of this caliber becomes available in Vainglory, and after watching these guys tear it up at the Unified Finals, I’m pumped to have them join the Tribe,” says Tribe Gaming owner Chief Pat. “All four players are world-class – and with HotSauce’s leadership, we have lofty expectations as we look ahead into autumn and the World Championships.I’m looking forward to supporting them at Tribe going forward, and I’m excited to see what they can do with a full season of Vainglory 8.”

In addition to this new squad, Tribe Gaming had recently announced their Tribe Academy team which made their debut this past Wednesday in the VIS Challenger Series.  Outside of Vainglory, Tribe Gaming has also signed Clash Royale player Oxalate, the winner of the recent Clash Royale Crown Championship Spring Season.  With the new roster of gaming talents, it certainly looks like Tribe Gaming is on the verge of being a major player in mobile esports.

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