To the Moon is Having its Biggest Ever Sale

To the
Moon is currently having its biggest ever sale to date. As of right
now, you can get a copy of To the Moon for 70% off its usual price.

If you
haven’t heard of To the Moon, then you have missed out on a gorgeous
story-driven RPG which further strengthens the argument of video games being

To the Moon – A Beautiful RPG with Pixel Graphics
and a Whole Lot of Heart

To the
Moon is a game set in a world where two doctors have a peculiar job. They get
to operate on a person on their deathbed to fulfil their patient’s dreams
by altering the memories of the soon to be deceased. These surgeries are
intense and are reserved for individuals on their deathbeds.

Basically, you act as a dream fairy allowing people to do in their minds what they could never do in reality. In To the Moon you are helping Johnny achieve his lifelong dream of making it onto the surface of the moon.

I would
say that a game like To the Moon might not be for everyone, but I can easily
recommend it to anyone. If you would like to get the cheapest copy of To the
Moon to date, then grab one from the Play Store.

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