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Tile-matching casual hit Mahjong Mystery gets 1000+ new stages in its latest update

Mahjong is an exotic-sounding word, and if you’ve never played a mahjong app before you might be put off by it. After all, you just wanted to download something casual to pass the time, not some crazy complicated game that takes hours to learn.

Well let us put your mind at rest. Mahjong comes in many flavours, and while there are indeed complicated and ancient variants, Mahjong Mystery is a much simpler (and more fun) version of the classic. All you have to do is match pairs of identical tiles.

Coining it in with Mahjong Mystery

Mahjong Mystery





Easy, right? Yes and no. Mahjong Mystery is a super accessible take on the game, with a spooky twist and addictive gameplay that’ll keep you playing long into the night – if you don’t get scared first. I’m joking, it’s not that scary, but the Halloween theme and stunning graphics make this mahjong game a true joy to play.

Every round you play earns you coins that you have to save up to unlock the next round. But you also save up coins in a big jar automatically, or earn them by watching short videos, spinning wheels, completing Bonus Quest stages, finishing quests, and simply logging in each day.

You can craft treasures using special tiles you find while playing and sell them for yet more coins, so you’ll never hit an aggressive paywall and have to sell your real life stuff to continue playing.

A night on the tiles

Mahjong Mystery



Along the way you’ll unlock new Bonus Quests, thanks to the latest game update, and you’ll liberate pets that quadruple the number of coins you receive for each stage. Pet’s always make life better!

There are 520 Halloween themed levels across two difficulty levels (with more to come), 1040 Bonus Quest stages thanks to the latest update, and a different tile set for all of them.

The difficulty varies from straightforward to seriously challenging, so enjoy the game whether you’re a novice or a mahjong titan.


And none of it costs a penny! Grab Mahjong Mystery on Google Play right now. It’s on the App Store as well.


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