Tic-tac-toe using Socket.io, Unity, Pixi.js and TS

The game will be here: https://tic-tac-toe-socketio-ts.herokuapp.com/ Source Code: https://github.com/8Observer8/tic-tac-toe-socketio-ts I have connected Heroku with my public repository with code. I will use two versions of clients: Unity and Pixi.js. I will write the Pixi.js client and the game server in TypeScript. The Unity client will be for desktop. I will build client for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the future I will make clients in pure WebGL, Canvas API, BabylonJS and ThreeJS. I use: TypeScript VSCode Free Heroku hosting that are connected with GitHub. My game deployed automatically when I push on GitHub AMD and RequireJS for debug version CommonJS, Browserify, UglifyJS for release version Date: Sat Jun 29 14:22:55 2019 +0400 Added: debug mode, the main index.html file with list of clients, Pixi.js and Babylon.js client that show examples Date: Sat Jun 29 23:35:23 2019 +0400 The server sends JSON message ‘Hello from server’. Client display this message on the page.

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