up with a week’s worth of mobile game news is a tricky business, trust us. So
every Sunday we try to take our time to round up everything that happened
throughout the week.

If you
are purely interested in what games came out this week, then check out yesterday’s guide.


This week
was a fantastic week if you were looking to get your hands on a premium title
for cheap. What makes this news even better is that most of these deals are
still active right now! Tomorrow may be a different story, so be sure to check
these games out before it’s too late.

Headup Games Sale

Games were having a sale on every single one of their titles. Meaning now is
the best time to grab a few high-quality puzzlers, point and click adventures
or a game set in a zombie apocalypse.

Pre-Registration Games

games this week went up for pre-registration. Some of these games may well be
released next week, others you might have to wait a little longer for.

Other Stories This Week?

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