Korea Wins Tencent’s Inaugural Arena of Valor World Cup and $200,000 Prize

This past weekened, Team Korea won the inaugural Arena of Valor World Cup by defeating Team Thailand in a nail-biting best-of-seven victory in front of a live audience at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Team Korea was awarded the Arena of Valor World Cup trophy, meticulously crafted by Volpin Props, as well as a grand prize of $200,000 USD – the largest in Mobile Esports yet.  The grand finals went all seven rounds in an intense back and forth bout between Thailand and Korea showcasing the world-class skill and competitiveness of both teams. Eventually tournament MVP and jungler for Korea, Lee “Rush” HoYeon, proved to be too much for Thailand, edging them out to secure the world cup championship and lion’s share of the $550,000 prize pool.

“Tencent continues to pioneer competitive mobile esports on a global scale with the success of Arena of Valor World Cup,” said Ramon Hermann, director of esports at Tencent America. “Season One of Arena of Valor esports has surpassed all of our expectations, and has paved the way for us to double down on our ambitions moving forward into Season Two and beyond.”

Vainglory Previews Esports in 2018

Despite already being 8 months into 2018, Super Evil Mega Corp FINALLY shared some information on what we can expect for Vainglory’s esports scene in 2018.  From the return of the Vainglory Premier League (VPL) to the game’s anticipated entry into the World Electronic Sports Games competition, Vainglory fans from across the world should have lots to look forward to in the months ahead.  A full recap of these plans can be found on the official Vainglory blog.

ESL Announces Red Bull M.E.O (Mobile Esports Open), the “Ultimate Mobile Esports Tournament” open to all

ESL has been involved with the mobile esports scene for quite some time, but mobile-centric tournaments from the world’s premier esports event organizer has been few and far in between – until now!  Partnering with everyone’s favorite energy drink, the Red Bull M.E.O (Mobile Esports Open) is a new competition that will allow participants from 36 countries to compete for the title of best mobile gamer in the world, with a live finals competition taking place in Germany.  Unsurprisingly, the inaugural 2018/2019 season of the competition will focus on the world’s most popular mobile esport game, Clash Royale.

Each of the 36 countries will hold qualifiers taking place from September to December 2018. Each country qualifier will have one winner who will travel to Germany to compete against others to determine who is the best Clash Royale player in the world.  Details about the qualifiers can be found here; sadly, despite being home to some of the best Clash Royale players in the world, Canada will not be one of the 36 participating countries.

Pro Teams Join Shadowverse Esports

The esports organizers for the popular cross-platform CCG Shadowverse welcomes three of the world’s leading esports teams, Echo Fox, Panda Global and TempoStorm as new participants to its competitive scene this week.  These teams will now join the growing global esport featuring a $1 million prize for the World Grand Prix champion.  Each team is sponsoring multiple players in the Shadowverse Open. Echo FoxPanda Global and Tempo Storm are sponsoring players from both the Pan-American (North and South America) and European regions with the goal to secure a spot at the Contenders Cup and ultimately the World Grand Prix.

“Shadowverse esports is community-focused first, and will continue to have deep organic roots in its competitive space, but partnering with these teams raises the level of competition,” Jason Woo, NGE chief strategy officer said. “Echo Fox, Panda Global and Tempo Storm each bring unique qualities to Shadowverse esports and the players chosen to represent each team will be supported like never before.”

Teams will help each player showcase their Shadowverse skills as well as develop influential creative content, through an active social media presence and new video content for fans of the teams.

MGL adds Armajet as Second Title

The Mobile Gaming League has recently announced that they have picked up Armajet as the 2nd title that will be supporting on their tournaments platform, after Vainglory. The mobile arena-shooter title from SuperBitMachine has been in soft launch for quite some time now, but has gradually developed a following of players.

The first tournament will feature a 2v2, Single Elimination Bracket Tournament in a Best-of-Three mode.  Be sure to check out for info at the MGL Armajet tournament page.

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