ESL and Game Insight Launch Guns of Boom’s $200,000 Inaugural Esports Season

We have another new entrant into the exciting world of mobile esports! Guns of Boom, the popular FPS mobile game from Game Insight, has official announced the game’s first esports season in collaboration with ESL,.  A prize pool of $200,000 will be up for grabs for this inaugural season.

“From its very first day, Guns of Boom has been all about one thing: competition,” said Anatoly Ropotov, Game Insight CEO. “After a year of refining the experience and working with leading members of the esports community, we’re finally ready to kick off our first major eSport season with ESL. Guns of Boom had a tremendous first year, reaching nearly 50 million players. Now let’s see how many of them are ready to go pro!”

All Guns of Boom players in North America and Europe are invited to compete through the first round Go4 Open Cups hosted by ESL. Players will need to have reached level 22 to participate, and have signed up for the tournament through the ESL website. All competition will take place in Guns of Boom’s PRO Play Mode, which has been designed in partnership with leading esports teams to ensure a fair and balanced environment for competitive play.

To learn more about Guns of Boom, visit the game’s official website or  We can’t wait to see what Game Insight and ESL will deliver with this new initiative!

KSV eSports Rebrands to Gen.G, Expands into Clash Royale

KSV eSports, perhaps best known for their championship League of Legends team in Korea and popular Seoul Tigers Overwatch team, has recently rebranded to Generation Gaming (Gen.G).  With the rebranding, the team has also announced its entry into the mobile esports space with a spot in the Clash Royale League in China.

Speaking to The Esports Observer, Gen.G’s co-founder and COO, Kent Wakeford said: “In China, there’s this massive growth of mobile, whether it’s gaming or other types of services. So many people in China have high end phones…and you see this mobile culture in the largest population in the world…there’s this sheer magnitude that far surpasses other markets. We want to be a truly global esports company, and we now have teams playing in the three largest esports markets in the world.”

Critical Ops is happy with the success of Battle Royale games

With Fortnite and PUBG Mobile grabbing the headlines in the mobile FPS space, the makers of Critical Ops believes this is ultimately a good thing for competitive gaming on mobile, and will lead to a positive outcome for Critical Ops.

In evaluating the growth of mobile shooters, the company believes that the success of mid- to hardcore gaming experiences will make the mobile more serious alternative to the PC and consoles as a gaming platform. It helps putting the mobile platform as a proper gaming platform in the market. Battle Royale games will introduce plenty of people to mobile shooters and also win over some skeptics. This bodes well for mobile shooters as a whole, as the genre’s massive potential is recognized by an increasing amount of players.

Veli-Pekka Piirainen, CEO of Critical Force, said: “The massive onslaught of Battle Royale shooter games to mobile is a very good thing for us. It shows that shooter games can rise to the top of the sales charts. It also brings many new players to shooter games on the mobile platform. In the long run, we will benefit from it because at some point players will get burnt out playing Battle Royale games and they will start looking for more challenging and skill based alternatives like our Critical Ops game.”

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