Clash Royale YouTube All-Star 5v5 Clan War draws in high viewership
Though not directly related to its official esports competition, Clash Royale’s new Clan War game mode has helped vitalized the 2-year game game, giving casual and clan-centric players a new way to engage with the game.  To showcase the Clan Wars game mechanic, Supercell invited some of its most popular content creators to Helsinki for a live showdown.  Broadcasted live only earlier today, the casual competition has already racked up nearly 700k views!  Missed the action? Below is a full VOD of the event:

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Paladins Strike makes mobile debut
Hi-Rez Studios, the developer behind Smite and Tribes: Ascend, earlier this week released a MOBA adaptation of their PC hero shooter Paladins titled Paladins Strike.  Paladins Strike features the same characters and lore as its PC cousin, but gameplay resembles that of a MOBA for mobile, with a virtual stick at the bottom left to move, and action buttons on the bottom right. Abilities are aimed by sliding your finger in the direction you want to shoot.  Gameplay is 5v5, with matches lasting usually from 6-10 minutes.

Time will tell if Paladins Strike will finally allow Hi-Rez Studios to successfully land a mobile esports hit.  For more information on the game, be sure to check out the official Paladins Strike website here.

Beast Brawlers Celebrates Wide Launch with Content Creators
Speaking of MOBAs for mobile, Beast Brawlers is looking to carve out a niche within this genre with its fast-paced 2-minute arena gameplay.  As part of its launch marketing activities, a number of popular content creators from the competitive mobile gaming space such as Woody, BBXH, FullFrontage, Remz, and Pyg hosted special Launch Celebration streams on their respective Twitch channels.  The Launch Celebration also featured a number of the game’s homegrown talents, showcasing streams and videos of top players that have been playing the game since its beta phase.

In its review, Darkest Nation suggests that competitive players, especially those who are fans of the MOBA genre, will find that this title uncovers a potential sub-genre for the world of MOBA.  If you want to get into the Beast Brawlin’ action, be sure to check out the game’s official website, and download the game on iOS or Android.

Lords Mobile Holds Asia Tournament, Continues Mobile eSport Investment

IGG’s hit game Lords Mobile successfully launched its Asian Tournament ‘Final Clash’ on April 22nd in 6 regions: Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. During the event, 6 teams were divided 2 groups, and the winners of each competed for the champion’s award, totalling $30,000, and a Lords Mobile themed gold medal. The South Korean team were eventually crowned the “Asian Champions” of the tournament.

According to Lords Mobile developer IGG: “Strategy game eSports presents unique challenges when it comes to presentation, In addition, the high requirement of visual animation attractiveness makes some MMO Strategy game even harder to present as a watchable battle event. Thankfully, we have created a way to present the game that fans love to watch and are continuing to find ways to innovate in this space. IGG wants to invest in mobile eSports and continue to curate an amazing eSports scene”

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Tencent to Produce TV Series Around Honor of Kings Esports
Still raking in crazy money as China’s top grossing mobile game, Honor of Kings now looks to spread to other verticals of entertainment with a scripted TV series around the game.  According to Esports Observer, the series will follow a fictional HoK player, on his path to become a professional player.  Also noted in the article is that this won’t be the first time HoK has been the focus of a TV series – “Kings Attack” is a game show broadcast through Tencent’s video-streaming service Tencent Video that essentially recreates the MOBA on a film set, with famous actors and other celebrities.

While we won’t be expecting any Arena of Valor-related TV content in Western markets anytime soon, it is interesting to see how Honor of Kings continues its dominance in the mobile esports scene in China.

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