The Lost Ship is a point and click adventure game full of puzzles, secrets and items to collect. There are six different point and click adventure games released by Syntaxity and The Lost Ship is the second in the series.

wouldn’t worry if you have played none of the series before, they all
follow the same story. Your uncle needs help finding a long-lost relic and you
will have to solve a lot of puzzles to help.

The Lost Ship – Another brilliant Point and Click

If you
are a fan of games like The Room series or just point and click adventures,
then you will like The Lost Ship. You’ll come across a variety of puzzles
and contraptions that often enough can only be solved when you explore another

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The Lost
Ship was recently updated and is now approximately double the size it
originally was. So, there are now twice as many hours to spend solving
head-scratching puzzles and exploring wild and exotic landscapes.

If you
would like a copy of The Lost Ship for free, then click this link to the Google Play store.

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