I enjoy reading Hideo Kojima’s thoughts on movies – enough to warrant buying a book? Sure!

The Gifted Gene and my Lovable Memes, a collection of essays from the Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator published in 2019, “explores the influences and inspirations that shape his work.” It might ring a bell if you keep Twitter tabs on Kojima, but the book has been out of reach for English readers until now.

Per Polygon, Viz Media is releasing a translated version called The Creative Gene on October 12.

The English adaptation’s full long-winded title – The Creative Gene: How books, movies, and music inspired the creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid – is a better indication of what to expect. More to the point, there’s this translated excerpt of Kojima’s “What Memes Connect Us To” introduction.

Are you down for this trip, or are you fine sticking with his games and watching his antics unfold online?

The Creative Gene, a Hideo Kojima book, is coming in October from Viz Media screenshot

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