Just when you thought Clash Royale wasn’t going to get anymore interesting, a brand new game mode has now been introduced: 2v2 Touchdown!  While Clash Royale has seen the introduction of many new game modes over the past year through tournament challenges (i.e. draft challenge, sudden death) and the standard 2v2 quick play, 2v2 Touchdown is a completely new way to play the game.  Here’s a recap of the new rules for those who are unfamiliar with the new game mode:

  • There are now no towers, lanes, or river! Instead, each team has an end zone that they need to defend.  Crown are earned by getting any single troop to your opponent’s end zone (so it’s kind of like American football, except there’s no ball and both teams are on offense and defense at the same time!)
  • Matches still last 3 minutes.  A team wins by either scoring 3 touchdowns, or having more touchdowns by the end of regulation.  If the score is tied after 3 minutes, the team with the next touchdown will win the game.
  • Instead of playing with pre-constructed decks, players will have to draft their decks at the start of each battle

Clash with Ash and Woody explains to the audience the new rules of 2v2 Touchdown

To introduce players to the new game mode, Supercell once again broadcasted a live tournament featuring Woody and Clash with Ash as the guest shoutcasters.  8 popular influencers from across the globe were invited to compete in this tournament, with teams breaking down as follows:

While all 4 teams were quick to adapt to the new game rules, it was Team Despacito that came out on top as the winners of the tournament.  A full recap of the event can be found in the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVfJeFDIXsk?feature=oembed&w=840&h=473]

While there has not been an official announcement on how and when the 2v2 Touchdown mode will officially be introduced to the game, it is expected that the new game mode will be playable with the next major update sometime in early October.

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