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Surprisingly, Titan Quest has received a new expansion

Surprisingly, Titan Quest has received a new expansion screenshot

In this new digital age we live in, seemingly any game can get new content. While it was strange to see Age of Empires II HD get some new expansions, I never thought I’d see the day when Titan Quest got some recognition. It was crazy enough that a remastered version was released last year, but now there is a full blown extra act and new skills to master.

Titan Quest: Ragnarok takes players through northern Europe on a quest to thwart something. There isn’t a whole lot of information given about the new expansion (other than it featuring Asgardians and Celts), but you don’t even need to wait to play it. If you own the Anniversary Edition, you can download this right now! The expansion is currently 25% off on Steam and will be for roughly a week.

Executive producer for Titan Quest, Reinhard Pollice, told PC Gamer, “Since the day we acquired the franchise in 2013, we’ve been toying around with ideas on what’s best for Titan Quest. We were quickly motivated to do another expansion as we realized Titan Quest is still actively played. Unfortunately, it took quite a bit until we assembled a good setup for the project and meanwhile we made ourselves familiar with the inner workings of Titan Quest through the Anniversary Edition which was a huge overhaul of the original game. The end result is Ragnarok!”

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