The legend has returned. Today sees the coming of the Master of Saikyo-Style, Dan Hibiki, who makes his return to the Street Fighter franchise as the first character of SFV‘s fifth and final season of content. Capcom has released a launch trailer in order to remind the world, as if the world needed a reminder, of Hibiki’s incredible martial-arts prowess.

In related news, SFV players who’ve already had the fortune of getting in the ring with Dan are already finding some interesting secrets. As noted by @discovigilante, it seems that Hibiki-san is bringing his love of taunting back to the ring like never before, and will fire off a pose and verbal boast whenever a player repeatedly taps crouch – conveniently the disrespectful “T-Bag” maneuver. It looks like, in true Saikyo-style, confident Dan players are unlikely to ever STFU, but honestly, Hibiki-san wouldn’t have it any other way.

Street Fighter V's Dan Hibiki turns T-bagging into taunting screenshot

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