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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to feature Team Battle mode

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to feature Team Battle mode screenshot

Team Battle mode is coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The new feature was announced via the Capcom Unity blog yesterday.

The mode will pit teams of up to five players against one another in a lengthy battle of endurance to be the last squad standing. Players will have to stick out their initial character choices, but will be able to change V-Triggers between matches, allowing for adaptation to their next opponents.

A range of customisation options will allow you to set the rules to your liking: Choose whether meter and health is recovered between matches, specific round and timer settings, whether teams can change players between rounds, and if matches are to be fought Elimination style, or as a Best-Of series.

It’s great to see another new mode announced for the re-issue of 2016’s fighter. To be honest though, Team Battle always dies a death within weeks. It did in Street Fighter IV and it did in Mortal Kombat X, to name just two examples. The problem lies in the fact that people are impatient, fully aware that they could have had multiple matches in the time it takes for eight or more players to connect and their series to play out, leading to a ghost town pretty quickly.

Hopefully that won’t be the case here. Provided you have a comrades and opponents to hand, Team Battle is always a blast, especially when the pressure come down on yourself as the last man standing. It can also be very useful in a tournament environment, where Team v Team truly comes alive.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches January 16 on PS4 and PC.

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