SRGB Error

Hello, Decided to give Ray trace in a weekend a go, my Color class has a fast srgb method i picked up from nvidia. inline float ToSrgbFast(float f)
{ //Close Approximation to SRGB f = Mathf::Clamp01(f); float s1 = Mathf::Sqrt(f); float s2 = Mathf::Sqrt(s1); float s3 = Mathf::Sqrt(s2); return 0.662002687 * s1 + 0.684122060 * s2 – 0.323583601 * s3 – 0.0225411470 * f;
} Problem is, it is innacurate for small values giving a result such as: Notice close to black values are innacurate. if i use a standard reciprical approximation i get: Also here is an article about how the fast method was derived: Fast SRGB Approximation Does anyone know what the issue might be? Thanks.

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