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Smash Bros. Characters Doing Fortnite Emotes Is A Nightmare

Super Smash Bros. mods have gotten pretty crazy over the years. If you want to play as Waluigi or make the DK Rap available on every stage, mods have already gotten there. You can also use mods for, well, this.

YouTuber Master of Hyrule asked one of those questions that sounds great when it enters your mind but less when you’re knee-deep in it: what would Smash Bros. characters look like doing the Fortnite emotes? Now, of course, Fortnite characters and Smash Bros. characters have different proportions, so using the animation rig for those characters on, say, Pikachu, creates what can only be described as an Eldritch abomination.

[embedded content]

Let’s hope if Fortnite somehow ever finds a representative in Super Smash Bros., this emote isn’t their Final Smash. It might be a little too powerful.

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