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Schooled: How I learned to love the moe

Schooled: How I learned to love the moe screenshot

[They said it couldn’t be done, but here we are… That’s right, folks! I’ll write every single one of the damn Bloggers Wanted entries if I have to! Sad puppy pictures all around! There’s still time left though. The Cblogs are right over here.  Don’t make me do this by myself. After about four more of these, it could start getting weird….. – Kevin]

I used to think that watching Akira a few times made me an anime nerd, but I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went. When I first joined Destructoid, I didn’t even know what a catgirl was, Moe was only a character from The Simpsons, and I just assumed that arguments over waifus were a joke. Boy, was I ever wrong….. (People take their waifus/husbandos very seriously!)

That all changed when, at the behest of some forgotten Destructoid user, I decided to try out a game called Steins;Gate. It’s a twisted up, science-heavy tale about time travel, but it also doubles as the perfect introduction to otaku culture. Over the course of my playthrough, I would learn things about myself that I couldn’t ignore. Once I began to have a grasp of the terms used, I started understanding the jokes without even having to pop open the in-game glossary. More disturbingly, I was laughing at them. This stuff struck a chord with me.

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