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Review: Style Savvy: Styling Star

Review: Style Savvy: Styling Star screenshot

People on the internet like to argue that Nintendo will attempt to bury some products. Releasing a game on the 3DS after the Switch is already on the market? Nintendo must be trying to bury it. Releasing a game the same week as (insert popular title here)? Nintendo must be trying to bury it. I don’t believe that’s true, however, if Nintendo were some nefarious company that intentionally tried to undermine its own products, there would be no better example of this than Style Savvy: Styling Star.

Here is a fashion game (red flag) for the 3DS (big red flag) that is only available on the eShop (bigger, redder flag) for full retail price (biggest, reddest flag) with a release date of Christmas Day (lord, you couldn’t find a flag bigger and redder than this). If Nintendo were trying to bury a game this would be how they do it.

And yet, like I said, I don’t think Nintendo would act that way. Because there is no chance somebody who works at Nintendo of America could play a game this charming and this positively radiant and think ”Nah, let’s kill it.”

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