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Review in Progress: Forza Motorsport 7

Review in Progress: Forza Motorsport 7 screenshot

The Forza Motorsport series has somehow become Microsoft’s flagship franchise for the Xbox brand. Regardless of how Halo launched the console into prominence in 2001 or how Gears of War blazed a whole new trail of third-person, cover-based shooters, Forza is the game that has stuck around for three consecutive generations while other attempts to galvanize the Xbox brand have come and gone.

When the Xbox One launched back in 2013, people were expecting the next-generation version of Forza to be a real treat, but it mostly came out undercooked. Lacking features and cars that the phenomenal Forza Motorsport 4 contained, 5 felt like a rushed effort to meet a launch for a console that was rushed to combat Sony’s impending launch of the PS4.

It wasn’t until Forza Horizon 2 that Turn 10 nailed what a next-gen entry in the seminal series should look and play like. Thankfully, Forza 7 gets basically everything right, including its PC port.

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