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Review: Bright

Review: Bright screenshot

Buddy-cop movies, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, am I right? No, it turns out, not at all. Bright, Netflix’s most expensive film to date ($90M), directed by David Ayer (Suicide SquadFury) and starring Will Smith (Suicide SquadCollateral Beauty) and Joel Edgerton (It Comes at Night), redefines the genre by owning it, expanding it, and making it ever so much more complex. The results are beautiful. Maybe it won’t win awards for cinematography, though in terms of design and shot selection, it’s competent in the way a favorite taylor is: you’re not getting anything too splashy, but you’re getting dependable results . It’s beautiful because by taking a format that both Ayer and Smith are quite familiar with (buddy-cop), covering that in every regard you’d expect, and then going so far beyond it with tropes unique to the other genres the film harvests, they create something new and improved, and they succeed wildly.

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