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Review: Batman – The Enemy Within: The Pact

Review: Batman - The Enemy Within: The Pact screenshot

Hot off of the revelations that took place at the conclusion of The Enigma, Batman continues his shaky three-way alliance with good friend Jim Gordon and cold government agent Amanda Waller. The unlikely trio work to uncover the frightening conspiracy behind “The Pact,” a group of criminals currently undertaking raids for tools and weaponry, stockpiling for an as-yet undisclosed master plan.

Episode two sees the player investigating almost entirely as Bruce Wayne. The playboy billionaire, injured in a recent brawl, goes undercover to infiltrate Gotham’s seedy underbelly, with guidance from obsessive frienemy, John Doe. Between this gang of criminal elite and Waller’s sketchy Agency, Wayne is in danger of drowning in questionable associates.

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