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Review: Batman – The Enemy Within: Fractured Mask

Review: Batman - The Enemy Within: Fractured Mask screenshot

Bruce Wayne is in a lot of trouble.

Having been successful in his plan to ingratiate himself within “The Pact,” a merciless group of Gotham rogues, in efforts to ascertain the reasoning behind a recent crimewave, the billionaire has made enemies on all sides. Relying on “help” from Amanda Waller and her shadowy agency, while trying to stay in the good books with old friend Jim Gordon, Wayne has dug himself in with a ruthless band of killers, and is becoming ever-culpable in their crimes.

With the arrival on the scene of questionable ally Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, the split-personality of buddy John Doe, and the pressures of gang-boss Harley Quinn breathing down his neck, Wayne is spreading himself, and his loyalties, dangerously thin.

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