Relaxing Puzzler Sequel Hook 2 Launching Later This Month

Rainbow Train has revealed that it’s releasing relaxing puzzler sequel Hook 2 at the end of June. So if you like puzzles that get increasingly tricky and involve hooks, your day almost certainly got better.

The game is an extension of the original Hook and will see you solving 85 new puzzles that involve detaching strings in a variety of different ways. It’s all about spatial awareness and unraveling tricky sets of strings.

Alongside the new puzzles there are going to be a bunch of new mechanics that you’re going to have to learn. And there are going to be new challenges in the not-too-distant future as well. Here’s a very brief trailer.

In more good news, the game is going to be completely premium. There are no adverts here. There are also no scores or even text. So yeah, it’s just you and the puzzles, puzzling away.

If you’d like to pre-register Hook 2, that’s also a possibility. In fact, you can do it by clicking right here. The game is set to land on June 30th, so you’ve got eight days to while away before it comes out.

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