Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream has been ordered by a French court to pay an ex-employee a total of €7,000 (~$7,753) for allowing vulgar images of that employee to be circulated within the studio according to a report on the matter from the French publication Le Monde

“By remaining passive in the face of this more than questionable practice, which can not be justified by the ‘humorous’ spirit prevailing in society, the employer has committed a breach of the security obligation [vis-à-vis its employees],” reads a translated quote from the judge.

The ex-employee also sought to receive wrongful termination status for their departure, a label that can be granted if an employee is found to have left a studio due to deteriorating working conditions or retaliation, but in this case no such ruling was granted.

Four employees in total departed Quantic Dream over photoshopped images that the judge in this latest case described as “homophobic, misogynistic, racist, or deeply vulgar,” acts that became largely came to light due to an earlier story published by Le Monde accusing Quantic Dream of fostering a toxic workplace. Of those four, only one employee had their wrongful termination granted in a case that concluded last summer.

Quantic Dream, required in this latest ruling to pay €5,000 (~$5,538) to the ex-employee plus €2,000 (~$2,215) for legal fees, has released a statement saying it has no plans to appeal the judgment.  

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