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Push coins to summon legendary monsters in Legend of Coin out now

Legend of Coin is an interesting blend of coin pusher and RPG by the legendary creator of Sonic, Yuji Naka.

You’ll tap and swipe to throw coins into a coin pusher, and hopefully receive a ton more coins in the process. These aren’t just ordinary coins though. They might be monster coins or a variety of other special coins.

Monster coins allow you to summon legendary creatures that you can take into battle with you. That’s where the RPG bit comes in. As you push coins, your monster will battle others, and if they win you’ll get showered with even more coins.

Coining it in

There are over 200 monsters to complete so you’ll have plenty to do, but if you gather two of the same monster you can combine them to increase their power.

Meanwhile, you’ll also increase your own character level, which allows you to push even more coins. The cycle repeats.

Those special coins we mentioned earlier provide you with various bonuses in battle, from increasing your damage to even giving you more of a chance to get monster coins.

Truly a Legend of Coin

There are tons of these to find and all of them are incredibly helpful, so you’ll always have incentive to push those coins.

If you like coin pushers, RPGs, or arcade games, you’ll absolutely love Legend of Coin, so be sure to grab it on Google Play (and the App Store!) right now.

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