Developer Cloudburst has been showing its polished escape sim Castle Breakout a lot of love lately. A couple of months ago the studio rolled out a huge update that transformed the gameplay by making the various rooms interconnected, as well as enhancing the animations.

Get yourself to the Castle Breakout

Castle Breakout

Developer is pleased to announce it’s new Unity version of it’s Android system will soon be having a social share system such that users can see their friends play the game (their virgin experiences) and make collective comments on it. This kind of social sharing is of now, unheard of in a room escape mobile app.

If you haven’t played it already, Castle Breakout is a slick, gorgeous puzzler with photorealistic graphics, tons of intricate detail, and a dog.

You play as a castle security expert, and your goal is to escape from all ten rooms to prove that the ominous Guild of Justice has serious failings when it comes to making a castle inescapable.

Boom boom shake the room

Castle Breakout

Throughout these rooms you’ll find numerous medieval items such as spears, potions, pots, crowns, swords, and even animated animals, all of which can be prodded, swiped, and moved as you solve the game’s fiendish puzzles.

And if you solve them all, not only do you get the satisfaction of sticking it to the Guild of Justice but you’ll also get a ride around the castle on the back of a dragon. What better incentive could there be?

You can grab the updated Android version of Castle Breakout absolutely free on Google Play right now. Alternatively, click on the links to download it for iOS, Apple TV, or Mac. Read more about Castle Breakout at the game’s official site.

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