Level-5 promising more weird Britons will ask you to solve riddles before they answer a simple question in 2018

Level-5 promising more weird Britons will ask you to solve riddles before they answer a simple question in 2018 screenshot

Level-5 has been quiet stateside in 2017. Earlier this year we got Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy on mobile and it will launch on the 3DS in North America next week. Other than the recent release of Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters — which I’m sure Chris Carter has already 100%ed — there hasn’t been too much from them out west. That’s going to change in 2018.

In addition to the nearing launch of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, it’s been confirmed Level-5 will be releasing a new Professor Layton game in 2018. In an interview with License! Global magazine, Level-5 executive Simon Waldren confirmed a new title in the franchise will release late next summer. Platforms were not specified in the interview though my guess is another 3DS/mobile title.

In the same interview, Waldren confirmed the Inazuma Eleven reboot, Inazuma Eleven: Ares is still coming to “Nintendo platforms” *cough* Switch *cough* which we basically already knew. Waldren also stated there are still plans to bring the popular Snack World series to Europe.

New Professor Layton game and Yo-Kai Watch season 3 coming next year [Toon Barn]

Team Despacito wins inaugural Clash Royale Touchdown Tournament

Just when you thought Clash Royale wasn’t going to get anymore interesting, a brand new game mode has now been introduced: 2v2 Touchdown!  While Clash Royale has seen the introduction of many new game modes over the past year through tournament challenges (i.e. draft challenge, sudden death) and the standard 2v2 quick play, 2v2 Touchdown is a completely new way to play the game.  Here’s a recap of the new rules for those who are unfamiliar with the new game mode:

  • There are now no towers, lanes, or river! Instead, each team has an end zone that they need to defend.  Crown are earned by getting any single troop to your opponent’s end zone (so it’s kind of like American football, except there’s no ball and both teams are on offense and defense at the same time!)
  • Matches still last 3 minutes.  A team wins by either scoring 3 touchdowns, or having more touchdowns by the end of regulation.  If the score is tied after 3 minutes, the team with the next touchdown will win the game.
  • Instead of playing with pre-constructed decks, players will have to draft their decks at the start of each battle

Clash with Ash and Woody explains to the audience the new rules of 2v2 Touchdown

To introduce players to the new game mode, Supercell once again broadcasted a live tournament featuring Woody and Clash with Ash as the guest shoutcasters.  8 popular influencers from across the globe were invited to compete in this tournament, with teams breaking down as follows:

While all 4 teams were quick to adapt to the new game rules, it was Team Despacito that came out on top as the winners of the tournament.  A full recap of the event can be found in the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVfJeFDIXsk?feature=oembed&w=840&h=473]

While there has not been an official announcement on how and when the 2v2 Touchdown mode will officially be introduced to the game, it is expected that the new game mode will be playable with the next major update sometime in early October.

Review: Batman – The Enemy Within: The Pact

Review: Batman - The Enemy Within: The Pact screenshot

Hot off of the revelations that took place at the conclusion of The Enigma, Batman continues his shaky three-way alliance with good friend Jim Gordon and cold government agent Amanda Waller. The unlikely trio work to uncover the frightening conspiracy behind “The Pact,” a group of criminals currently undertaking raids for tools and weaponry, stockpiling for an as-yet undisclosed master plan.

Episode two sees the player investigating almost entirely as Bruce Wayne. The playboy billionaire, injured in a recent brawl, goes undercover to infiltrate Gotham’s seedy underbelly, with guidance from obsessive frienemy, John Doe. Between this gang of criminal elite and Waller’s sketchy Agency, Wayne is in danger of drowning in questionable associates.

Review in Progress: Forza Motorsport 7

Review in Progress: Forza Motorsport 7 screenshot

The Forza Motorsport series has somehow become Microsoft’s flagship franchise for the Xbox brand. Regardless of how Halo launched the console into prominence in 2001 or how Gears of War blazed a whole new trail of third-person, cover-based shooters, Forza is the game that has stuck around for three consecutive generations while other attempts to galvanize the Xbox brand have come and gone.

When the Xbox One launched back in 2013, people were expecting the next-generation version of Forza to be a real treat, but it mostly came out undercooked. Lacking features and cars that the phenomenal Forza Motorsport 4 contained, 5 felt like a rushed effort to meet a launch for a console that was rushed to combat Sony’s impending launch of the PS4.

It wasn’t until Forza Horizon 2 that Turn 10 nailed what a next-gen entry in the seminal series should look and play like. Thankfully, Forza 7 gets basically everything right, including its PC port.