Google Stadia Will Now Launch With 22 Games

Google Stadia is right around the corner, with the system launching on November 19. Google recently announced the system’s launch titles, along with the other games coming in 2019. It was a thin list, with only one console exclusive (Gylt), which had some potential customers concerned. Thankfully for early adopters of the new machine, the launch line-up has been expanded, with many titles that were due at some point in 2019 now arriving on day one.

The news was announced by Google vice president Phil Harrison, who thanked the developers and publishers who worked to prepare their games for the system’s release.

These are the 12 games initially announced for the Stadia launch, which are still coming on day one:

And now, here are ten more games that will now release on November 19 alongside the new system:

Borderlands 3, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 and Darksiders Genesis are also due before the end of the year. Darksiders Genesis will release on December 5, the same day as the PC version, making it a console exclusive to Stadia for about three months (it launches on PS4, Xbox One and Switch on February 14, 2020.)

To find out more about what to expect from Google Stadia’s impending launch, be sure to check out our unboxing of the new system. We know that it’ll launch with several missing features that will be added over time.

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Bungie raises $1.6 million for charity through Game2give pledge drive

The Bungie Foundation’s first Game2give pledge drive raised $1.6 million for charity, funds that MCV says the organization plans to use to support Children’s Miracle Network and its own iPads for Kids program.

Starting on October 24, members of the Destiny community could donate for the Game2give drive and unlock in-game rewards, with some donation tiers offering a chance at receiving physical goods for participating.

Streamers that opted to participate in the drive likewise could earn in-game and physical rewards for how much they were able to raise between that start date and November 10.

“At Bungie, our purpose is to create worlds that inspire friendship, and we are so very grateful for our community to embrace this so strongly,” said Bungie Foundation senior manager Christine Edwards in a comment shared by MCV.

“We see this play out each and every day as lifelong friendships are forged, Guardians support their fellow Guardians both inside and outside of our game, and when our community rallies together for incredible causes such as supporting kids in hospitals.”

The Takeover is the latest game in The Baz extended universe

The Takeover is the latest game in The Baz extended universe screenshot

There’s never been a better time to be a fan of 2D, multi-plane Beat ‘Em Ups. With the Capcom Beat ‘Em Up BundleRiver City Girls, Fight ‘N Rage, Streets of Red already out, Castle Crashers making a comeback this year, and Streets of Rage 4 is dropping any second now, lovers of a good brawl almost have too many options these days. 

The Takeover stands out from that crowd in a couple of ways. The first is its visuals. It’s one of the only games on the market today that emulates the look of the original Killer Instinct games, with intentionally “frame-y” animation and character models that feel like plastic action figures. The second is the inclusion of The Baz, a creation by the Two Best Friends team based on a rejected Street Fighter design. Including his appearances in DivekickShovel Knight, and roles planned for  Pocket Rumble,  Colossal Kaiju Combat. and Okinawa Rush, this makes the sixth time The Baz has been invited to be a real videogame character. 

The game made a sudden leap from Early Access to, uh, Right-On-Time Access on Steam this week, and it’s coming to Switch soon. Baznificent!

WANTED: Freelance 3D Engine Developers

HI! I’m looking for some help in creating a 3D Game Engine. I’ve developed in Unity and Unreal Engine. This project I started three years ago and I’ve finally come to face the fact of which I should have known better, I can’t do it alone! So nobody is getting paid for the until we release the engine, and I think its something that could be done just for fun. So the name of the game engine is called NecroTek3D. II originally coded it in Java but now I have come to realize Java is not powerful enough, it doesn’t give you enough control. So I’ve been going through he Graphics Gems series and trying to implement the content of those books. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Drexel University with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics so I’m more than qualified. So some of the concepts that NecroTek3D uses. One is the option to use a Snap Camera. NecroTek3D is made so that gif the game designer wishes, the game can be completely played on a console controller or a pc/Mac. The snap camera allows for the typical mouse control. Instead of moving a mouse around, the Snap Camera switches focus to different things on the screen. Say, for example, you want to target an enemy, shoot him, and then go to your inventory. To do this you tap the4 analagon controller and cursor will mo ve from focus to focus to the enemy. Then you just use the shoot button and it fires at the enemy. Then with no enemies left, you move the analog cursor again to the menu icon and press enter. Once in the menu you can tap th eanalog stick to make various menu choices, Another integral concept behind NecroTek3D is the idea of hexagonal cells. Maps in NecroTek3D are adjacent hexagons. This is because a hexagon is the most optimum space. The side of each hexagon is the size of your field of view. Assume you are standing on one end of the hexagon facing the opposite end. The opposite end is the exact distance you can see. Surrounding the hexagon cell you are in are adjacent cells that are hot loaded . Every time you enter a new cell the surrounding cells are loaded and the old cells are taken out of memory. There are other features as well. Adaptive Skeletal Animation where one skeletal animation can be morphed and used for another skeletal animation. I did an independent study on this in my masters program. NecroTek3D is fully procedural if desired. From Procedural Textures, to Procedural foliage, to fractals, to Procedural Storyline Generation, to Procedural Maps and enemies,. NecroTek3D has massive library of algorithms, some from my own research, some from Graphics Gems, and some from just regular Computer Graphics books. And I need help to code these features. I can’t do it by myself I realized. The more help the better. -Ted