The first issue of Mega Man Mastermix, a colorized version of Megamix, is out this week

The first issue of Mega Man Mastermix, a colorized version of Megamix, is out this week screenshot

I have every trade paperback for Mega Man Megamix, if only because of the artwork. Hitoshi Ariga originally created this style back in 1997, and its raw staying power led to a US localization of the manga in 13 years later. Ariga has a way with the series, adding an air of familiarity to it, while completely re-imagining characters in some cases (Skull Man in particular). If you haven’t read it yet, it deals with a new storyline based on the games, starting with the birth of Mega Man.

Ok so I’m rambling, but Megamix is great, and it’s coming back yet again in Mastermix form. This week the first issue of Mastermix is arriving at stores, an 80-page book that adds color to Ariga’s story art for the first time (only the covers were colored previously).

As the new volumes are released, it’s possible that they may move to Mega Man Gigamix, a three-volume series that followed Megamix. It’s a lot of mixes to keep track of but I can do my best to help!

Mega Man Mastermix #1 Cvr A Ariga [Comixology via Rockman Corner]

Monster Hunter: World’s platinum trophy is going to be an ordeal

Monster Hunter: World's platinum trophy is going to be an ordeal screenshot

The trophy/achievement list for Monster Hunter: World has leaked a few days ahead of the game’s release, and it indicates what we probably could’ve guessed: It’s going to take a serious time commitment to get them all.

PowerPyx discovered the trophies list (achievements should be the exact same minus the platinum), and it indicates that nabbing everything will require scouring every corner of the world. There are a lot of cumulative-based tasks like earning a certain amount of money or hunting a certain number of different kinds of monsters. There’s also one for reaching rank 100, which is presumably the highest rank possible.

However, it’s the crowns that are the most intimidating. Monster Hunter‘s beasts all have randomized sizes each time you encounter them. If you’re lucky enough to hunt one that’s at the extreme end of the spectrum (either small or large), you’ll earn a crown for your guild card.

Two of the trophies make use of the crown system. They’re acquired by “Obtain[ing] a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log” and “Obtain[ing] a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.” There will likely be 50-some monsters at launch (the final number isn’t confirmed yet) and seeing these variations will rely entirely on RNG. It could take a very long time.

Here are all the trophies/achievements for Monster World: Hunter:

What is your favorite bit of gaming fan service?

What is your favorite bit of gaming fan service? screenshot

Writing about Super Smash Bros for an article covering fan service is a bit of a cop-out. The series is literally nothing but fan service. Since Melee, every Smash game has dived deeper and deeper into the history of Nintendo, pulling out references from nearly every product Nintendo has put out. There are callbacks to characters from games we haven’t seen in years and products Nintendo hasn’t made in decades, with Smash for Wii U and 3DS featuring the most extensive historical record the series has seen yet.

Really, going into this topic I was planning to write about Duck Hunt Dog calling in the NES Zapper Posse to blast his opponents away. As much as I love that, it ain’t got nothing on Mega Man. Mega Man’s Final Smash is a celebration of a series people assume Capcom didn’t care about for the longest time. Hell, Mega Man’s appearance in Smash is the most love and care given to the character in nearly a decade. With his unique move set, Mega Man easily outshone the other 3rd-Party guest characters. With his Final Smash, he outdid the rest of the cast.

I don’t remember where I was when I first saw his final smash, but I do remember my jaw dropping and nearly crashing my browser reloading the YouTube clip. Even though I prefer other characters, I made myself get good with him just so I could see Mega Man, X, EXE, Volnutt, and Star Force come together in one spectacular finish. It’s so frickin’ good that if Mega Man returns in Smash Switch, I wouldn’t mind if his Final Smash was left untouched.

Drugs, booze, and Dragon Ball Z: Friendships and fighting games

Drugs, booze, and Dragon Ball Z: Friendships and fighting games screenshot

My friend Johnny and I had a complicated relationship based around loneliness, a mutual sense of humor, drugs, booze, and video games. I’m not sure if we were ever really friends. One time he tried to open up to me about his dad and their problems, and it just made me feel uncomfortable; I never felt like myself around Johnny. But we spent an insane amount of time together in my teenage years.

I didn’t really get along well with anyone, and even though I had no good reason to trust him either since he fucked me over just as much as anyone else, there was something that kept our shitty friendship going, and it didn’t end until much later when we eventually grew apart. I met my future wife, kept trying to move into the realm of adulthood while battling my crippling social anxiety and bitterness, and Johnny – well, he eventually got a job at a liquor store after being admitted for drug-induced schizophrenia.

But mostly we were pals, and we had fun times. A lot of those times centered on fighting games. We would smoke a metric ton of weed after school sometimes and play Soulcaliber II for hours. I practically mastered Mitsurugi. I made his skill set my personal sword-swinging tango. Johnny was an expert Nightmare player. We played others as well, but our Mitsurugi/Nightmare fights were for the ages. More often than not they would go on until the timer ran out because we learned so well how to counter and block one another.