The Shot Online Golf update has arrived!

Given that Shot Online has been around in some form since 2005, we mobile gamers had to wait a long time before it finally arrived on iOS and Android worldwide earlier this year.

Only a couple of months have passed since then, but Webzen is clearly determined to keep the momentum up. The game’s first big update has landed, and it’s packed with new content and game-enhancing tweaks.

Let’s take a look at the interface first. There have been numerous small but significant changes to the way you view and interact with the app during gameplay

Shot Online Golf

Firstly, when you exceed the maximum distance with a shot, you can now check the maximum distance after you’ve taken your swing.

It’s also now possible to see how much your shot distance will be increased when you consume a Power Drink by simply glancing at the display on the power gauge.

If you prefer to play your shots from above, you’ll now be able to see more of the course, and zoom out farther to get a better view of the fairway.

Finally, the slow motion effect that kicks in when you’re playing a putt and the ball veers close to the hole will be more dynamic.

Betting brilliance

The Betting Challenge area of Shot Online Golf: World Championship has also been significantly updated. Most of the changes are cosmetic, making it easier for you to see what’s going on at a glance.

Let’s start in the betting room. Where there used to be visual representations of landmarks and flags you’ll now see the course emblem, to give you a clearer sense of where you are.

Also, the amount of gold you have to bet is more prominently displayed, so that you can more easily know where you stand before you enter the betting room and initiate a match.

The rating points cap has also been raised, allowing you to reach the giddy heights of 99,999 before topping out.

And there are four new emojis and six emojis with text, dramatically increasing the range of emotions and ideas you can express to your opponent.

On the green

The Betting Challenge is only one part of the game, however. The other is the Academy, and this has been updated with two new chapters, where you’ll meet Sabi and Daniel respectively.

Developer Webzen has also made a number of tweaks and bug fixes. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the game failing to acknowledge that you’ve performed a club fitting in the daily missions section you’ll be relieved to learn that the issue has been solved.

Likewise, Shot Online Golf will now always process when you’ve completed the Clothes Reinforce tutorial in Chapter 2 Lesson 4.


Some other small changes have been made to tidy up the whole experience a bit, including a megaphone icon in the main lobby where you can check for in-game announcements, and a few other minor tweaks.

Shot Online Golf: World Championship has had a terrific launch, thanks in no small part to the game’s long history and extensive soft launch process. Even so, it’s encouraging to see that Webzen is determined to keep refining its long-awaited MMO.

Download Shot Online Golf: World Championship for free right now on Google Play (and the App Store).


God Of War Sells Over Five Million Copies

The newest God of War has sold over five million copies according to Sony. This makes it the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive.

A hidden Secret

The God of War director discussing all of the hidden materials players have managed to uncover thus far. Eventually, though, Barlog stated, “I still think there is one thing that no one has found yet that I know for certain, because I haven’t seen any stories about it.” Unfortunately, though, he didn’t offer any explicit details as to what it could be, saying, “I’m not going to tell you what that is . . . it seems like people have been able to get all the permutations. Not one person, but everyone collectively.”

5 Million

The news comes from Sony’s Investor’s Relations Day report. The company is more than happy to tell its stockholders how well they are doing. The new PlayStation chief John Kodera, who you might remember for recently commenting on the state of portable gaming at Sony, announced the figure.

Five million copies in a month is a fast-selling number. Even in absolute terms it puts the game in the top twenty selling PlayStation 4 titles period. Even if it stopped selling today it would be a massive success.

Our Take
Considering the massive investment Sony must have made in the game, I am sure they’re more than happy with its performance thus far. Not too long ago  publishers were scared of producing single player games, but the market is seemingly eager for them.

Gaming critic TotalBiscuit passes away at 33

Gaming critic TotalBiscuit passes away at 33 screenshot

After a long bout with cancer, we’ve learned that popular internet personality and gaming critic TotalBiscuit has passed away today. This news comes by way of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain’s wife and business partner (CEO of Cynical Brit and Axiom eSports) Genna Bain, who shared a dedication on Twitter.

For those of you who aren’t aware, TotalBiscuit has been battling cancer for several years, and sought several forms of treatment; all the while keeping up with his duties professionally casting, participating in podcasts, continuing his critic career on YouTube, and keeping his fans updated with the status of his condition. Although he reported that he was stable in late 2017, just a month ago doctors informed him that his liver was failing and the cancer was growing more aggressive. He then announced his retirement from criticism and made it a priority to spend time with his wife, in part through the Co-Optional Podcast that they operated together.

I had the good fortune of meeting John at MomoCon last year, and I have nothing but good things to say about him. Although onlookers are familiar with his online persona, John was one of the most professional and humble industry members I’ve met to date. He seemed optimistic about his condition and was in good spirits; he wasn’t afraid to crack a joke and lighten the mood a bit.

Our thoughts go out to John, his friends, and his family today.

Stickman Soccer 2018 lines up on Android

The hugely popular Stickman series, developed by Djinnworks, has a new entry – Stickman Soccer 2018. Arriving on Google Play (and iOS!) this week, it’s a direct sequel to the award winning Stickman Soccer. It aims to be a far bigger and better experience than its predecessor too.

On the surface it’s a knockabout arcade experience, with easy-to-grasp touch controls and fast paced gameplay – but it has a lot more depth than you might expect.

Namely in its number of features, with over 150 different teams to pick from. There are more than 75 million unique players to boot (pun most certainly intended).

Stickman Soccer shoots and scores

However the level of customisation is something Djinnworks is also keen to emphasise, as you can edit team names, logos, player names, and even their appearance to get things exactly as you want them.

The gameplay has also seen some notable tweaks since the last iteration. This includes the fact that players can now receive cards – with moves including sprints, fouls, and overhead kicks being added meaning that this is as accurate a representation of soccer as possible.

Despite the reams of customisation options the game isn’t just a single player experience, with an online mode allowing you to compete against both friends and strangers. You can even play a pal offline by using up to two controllers.


With the World Cup in Russia almost upon us there’s no better time for a virtual kickabout either – so download Stickman Soccer 2018 on Google Play (and the App Store) now for free!



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