Briefly relive the ’90s again and see 1994 Nintendo in this documentary clip

Briefly relive the '90s again and see 1994 Nintendo in this documentary clip screenshot


The recent release of  Nintendo’s SNES Mini Classic has plenty of gamers and newcomers reliving the 90’s all over again with some great games from the era that defined a generation. I thought it would be appropriate to get deeper into 90’s nostalgia with a short 9 minute clip from the 1994 French documentary Otaku. The documentary segment about Nintendo goes on a brief introduction and company history, and goes into its business philosophy along with some short interviews of the employees in Japan.

Much of the info in the video are things that many video game enthusiasts already know but seeing Nintendo’s offices and workers around 1994 is still a trip, considering that 1994 is about 23 years ago. Mario’s daddy, Shigeru Miyamoto, is also featured and gives us the basic info on Mario and just looks pretty young at the age of 40.

This short clip has been around on the internet for a while but is now friendly to English-only speakers who don’t like reading subtitles but do like hearing emotionless computer female voiceovers.

Super Mario Odyssey’s amiibo content will be unlockable without the amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey's amiibo content will be unlockable without the amiibo screenshot

Lootboxes and microtransactions and all sorts of chicanery have been invading video games for the last few years, locking out content that used to be unlockable through in-game achievements. What happened to the days where getting hard mode meant you simply had to beat the game instead of shelling out an additional $10? While Super Mario Odyssey will be launching alongside a trio of amiibo that unlock things, you won’t be required to buy those figurines to get that content.

In a very subtle manner on the official Super Mario website, Nintendo notes that “All outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo,” reassuring fans everywhere that Nintendo hasn’t gone full insane on us. In all honesty, I kind of prefer having to unlock the costumes, since being handed them takes the fun out of the experience for me. At least this is a true option, unlike typical microtransactions that unbalance the difficulty curve of games. It also doesn’t prevent Mario Odyssey from being a full game in the future when amiibo no longer exist.

Super Mario Odyssey – amiibo [Nintendo]

8 of the best new Android games this week

This weekend may well be the last weekend this year when you can go outside in shirtsleeves. Do you really want to spend it playing mobile games in your bedroom with the curtains drawn?

Damn right you do! It’s been a week of surprises, with major franchises popping up alongside diverting indie games, so whatever your tastes we’ve got you covered.

Stranger Things: The Game


This one came out of nowhere. We assume it’s just part of the marketing push for the imminent second season on Netflix, but it’s also a great game in its own right.

The graphics are all retro, like the show itself, and the game sees you exploring Hawkins, Indiana in the shoes of the show’s main characters. You have to collect VHS tapes, visit the Upside Down, and presumably run away from a monster at some point. Get it here.

Dragon Project


Are you a fan of Capcom’s world-beating collect-em-up Monster Hunter? Well, it didn’t come out on Android this week, so tough luck.

However, Dragon Project did come out, and it’s the next best thing. The aim of the game is to hunt monsters. After choosing from five different classes you set out to deplete the fictional realm of Heiland of its monstrous fauna.

Kill, acquire, upgrade – the three steps to mobile gaming addiction. Get it here.



Geostorm is a big dumb action movie starring Celtic beefcake Gerard Butler. It’s also a mobile game spin-off starring three different characters as they attempt to avert the weather-induced extinction of the human race.

An isometric puzzler with clean, polished graphics, Geostorm looks for all the world like a new entry in the brilliant GO series from Square Enix. It isn’t, but the resemblance can only be a good thing. Get it here.

Goon Squad


Goon Squad is a card-battler in which you take on rival squads of goons around the world and try to take over their headquarters.

It’s cute, accessible, vaguely Clash Royale-like, and it has lots of modes, including co-op and four-player deathmatch. Get it here.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Though Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within has been out for a couple of months, this week saw its arrival on Android.

The Enemy Within is another Telltale adventure, which means it contains excellent storytelling, voice-acting, and atmosphere, but no action to speak of.

The new arrival features the first two episodes of the five-episode series, the first being free and the second costing £4.59. Get it here.


DigimonLinks has been out for a while in Japan, and now it’s out in the west as well. It sees you constructing buildings on a farm and training Digimon in them.

Once they’re trained, you take you Digimon out and fight them with other Digimon, which sounds amazingly unethical but presumably isn’t. You can play both with and against other players, with certain actions only available cooperatively. Get it here.

Two Draw


Two Draw is a simple and ingenious puzzle game in which you have to draw lines on the screen in order to help two little dots get together and, we assume, have sex.

The drawing-on-the-screen mechanic is familiar from titles like Scribblenauts and Max & the Magic Marker. It works well on touchscreen, and this looks like a nicely pared down example of the genre. Get it here.

Blocky Bronco


Blocky Bronco is a colour physic-based casual game about trying to stay on a mechanical bull with well-timed taps on the screen.

The main problem with this is that the animations the game treats you to when you inevitably fail are awesome.

Watching a blocky cowboy ragdoll through the air and crunch into a succession of rigid surfaces is more fun than any game, and your impatience to see it is likely to restrict your scoring potential. Get it here.

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Shadow of War pre-order deals: $21 off, bottle opener, or Ring of Power

Shadow of War pre-order deals: $21 off, bottle opener, or Ring of Power screenshot

We thought publishers had done away with retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses, but it appears Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is one such exception. While all retailers and platform versions will include the same in-game digital pre-order bonuses, we’ve spotted THREE physical bonuses at different retailers if you pre-order before the Tuesday, October 10, 2017 release date.

Combined with the PC digital pre-order cash discount incentive (up to $22 off!), there are four deals to ponder through for fans of the series. (Particularly those that have moved past the loot crate system within the game.)

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Pre-Order Deals



Physical Pre-Order Bonuses

By all accounts, the GameStop pre-order bonus Bottle Opener looks pretty dope in our opinion. I mean we are as sober as a dry county but that seems like a neat trinket to receive if you’re a big Lord of the Rings fan, nevermind the Middle-earth game series.

Conversely, the silver replica Ring of Power (doubtful that it’s actual silver) from Best Buy isn’t half-bad as well, especially since pre-ordering at Best Buy will also earn you $10 in rewards certificate good for more games at Best Buy.

Coming in the last place of most desired physical goodie in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War pre-order trinket roundup would be Walmart’s exclusive “Kontrol Freek” skin. Themed with Shadow of War decal, you can affix these removable skin onto your controllers. Why? Who the hell knows.

Given most of us at Dealzon are PC gamers, we’ll opt for the straight-up $21 cash discount. But if we had to make a pick, the bottle opener seems like a sweet pick-up, particularly as a last-resort weapon in a zombie apocalypse. Trade off is you’ll have to trek to your local GameStop to ensure you receive the goodie. Hmm…

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