OpenGL parallelism and shaders

Hello, I need to write a shader where, for a specific pixel, as a fragment comes in I will sort a struct stored in memory based on the value of depth. For the sake of argument, let’s assume I have an array of 10 entries per pixel of the struct containing {float depth; vec4 color}. As a new fragment comes in for a pixel I will use an insertion sort so I only keep the 10 front-most fragments and discard the rest. If OpenGL were sequential, this is a rather trivial operation: just program a proper insertion sort. However, my worry is that the same pixel may be processed in 2 different fragments simultaneously, so my insertion sort would fail because multiple threads would be accessing the same array. This leads me to 2 questions I’m hoping somebody has the insight to help out: 1) Can I be assured that, despite OpenGL’s parallelism, no two fragments for the same pixel will ever be processed simultaneously? In other words, can I be sure that if I’m working on a pixel, then parallelism means that on another thread OpenGL will not be working on the same pixel? 2) If the answer to (1) above is no – that is, there are no guarantees – is there a way that would allow me do this in a safe way? Thanks.

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