Another week, another collection of new Android games to sink your teeth into. If you’re craving some of the best new Android games to play on your phone, we’ve collated the best of the best right here. 

Not only will we list the best free new games on Android, but also premium experiences. After all, if you want the best, sometimes you have to pay for it. 

Best New Android Game: Into the Beach 

Free with a Netflix subscription, Into the Breach is always one of the best games on Android. Even if this list was best mobile games of the year, this would be there. It’s really that good. 

The game being tied to a Netflix subscription is infuriating — we’d rather pay for it — most people do already have one. Furthermore, it’s absolutely worth getting a free trial just to try this game. 

In Into the Breach, you’re sent through time to save the world from invasions. You’ll have to battle enemies while making sure that the power grid isn’t destroyed. It’s a tactical delight!

While the mech combat isn’t as in-depth as games like Battletech, it’s still a fantastic experience. We highly recommend this to any fans of turn-based strategy games. Will you try it out? 

The Last Blade 

One of the newest Android games on our list, The Last Blade is a port of one of SNK’s most beautiful fighting games. While we definitely wouldn’t recommend this for pocket gamers without controllers, it’s a fantastic fighter that everyone should play. 

Released in 1997, The Last Blade isn’t technically one of the new Android games, but instead a new port.  It brings the classic SNK game back to modern players with a beautiful port. 

The Last Blade’s fantastic pixel-art smoothly fills the screen with gorgeous animations. If you’re after a stylish, technical fighting game, you need to play this now. 

On Android, The Last Blade only costs £3.99. If you want to pick it up, check it out here. 

Banana Kong 2 

Technically a missed release from last week, Banana Kong 2 only just missed out list. An adorable action-side scroller, this cute frenetic adventure feels like a reinvigoration of classic Android games like Angry Birds or Canabalt. 

Obviously inspired by recent Donkey Kong games, this free adventure tasks you with navigating action-packed levels while collecting bananas. It’s not the closest you’ll get to those games in Android — check out the best Android 3DS emulator — but it’s far less complicated. 

In our time with Banana Kong 2, we found ourselves having a riot of a time. Just like the Android games of yore, it’s easy to lose hours to this incredibly simple, but fun, platformer. Now excuse us, we have an urge to collect bananas.

Get Banana Kong 2 here on Android.

Fantasy Town 

A classic FarmVille clone, Fantasy Town is a cutesy medieval fantasy village simulator. Well, Fantasy Town simulator…. Hence the name, but you’ll start off as a village! 

Outside of its aesthetic, not much has changed from the traditional FarmVille idle adventure. However, there is one major improvement over the classic mobile series: customisation. 

In order to make your fantasy town your own, you’re able to customise almost every aspect of your idyllic town. You can fill your town with citizens of all shapes, sizes and colours, anything to make your home feel like home. 

Furthermore, outside of growing your village through typical idle means, you can go out on quests. Explore the areas around your town and sharpen your weapons! It’s time to fight!

Download Fantasy Town here… if you want to. 

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