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Monster Hunter food in real life looks pretty incredible

Monster Hunter food in real life looks pretty incredible screenshot

Given that my wife is in the later stages of pregnancy I’ve been cooking more often than usual, and I’m pretty proud of a recent sauteed spinach recipe I’ve concocted (she needs more iron!) among other main courses. But this series of Monster Hunter dishes from Twitter user Ki-Ki’s wife deserves a legitimate chef kissy fingers emote in real life. I just did it.

Modeled after an in-game dish (you can see the comparison in the gallery below), they go above and beyond and even add in various odds and ends to spice up the presentation a bit. That konpeitō? It’s thematic scout flies.

If you’re curious the meal has a lot of info attached to its Twitter post, including its cost (roughly $36) and prep time (three hours). That’s not bad at all since this could feed a family of four handily. I just spent an hour and a half the other day making al dente pasta and homeade sauce for two people!

Ki-ki [Twitter via Siliconera]

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