MOBA Beast Brawlers

With all the attention given to competitive mobile/mobile esports titles from big publishers, one game that we have been following closely has been lurking quietly under the radar: Beast Brawlers.  (Disclaimer: MoEsport staff is also working on this game!) After spending months in soft launch mode on Google Play, the game is now finally available now in North America, Europe, MENA and Latin America regions for all iOS and Android devices!

Game Play

Beast Brawlers is what I would define as a “casual MOBA”: players can select one of nine Beasts to do battle in fast pace 2-minute matches across 3 different arena game modes.  Rather than having player get stuck with playing one Beast throughout the match, players can choose and swap different Beasts each time they get KO’ed or retreat with a Potion (consumable items that you can equip on your Beast).

The exciting week of launch begins today with a Developers stream starting 3PM on the Beast Brawlers Facebook Live channel, followed by daily streams and videos from popular content from the mobile gaming community as well as the Beast Brawlers community!

How do I attack?

Attack by riding within range of your opponent to automatically hit. Your attack radius is displayed immediately in front of your beast.

How many players are in a match?

There are 4 riders in each match. Occasionally 3 riders will be matched up together if not enough players are queued up.

How do I unlock more Beasts?

Unlock more Beasts by increasing your amount of fans. Fans are gained by finishing in either 1st or 2nd place in battles. When you get enough fans to enter the new divisions, you can start unlocking new mounts from chests.

Learn More

To learn more about this game you can check out their official website

See you in the Arena!

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