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Microsoft celebrates stellar PUBG launch with 10,000 Battle Points giveaway

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is the gaming phenomenon of the moment. Based on designs created by legendary modder Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene, it sees you parachuting onto an island and killing other players in Battle Royale-style melees.

After several months in beta, PUBG finally launched on PC and Xbox One in December 2017, and in the few short weeks since then it has managed to attract an impressive 4 million active players on Xbox alone – a million more than initially forecast.

To celebrate this amazing accomplishment, Microsoft is holding a massive giveaway. Everybody who owns a copy of PUBG and is registered to play the game online will receive 10,000 Battle Points, which is the in-game currency.


You’ll be able to take this bounty and spend it on hundreds of different in-game PUBG Items, such as baseball hats, boots, gloves, keys, and ultra-stylish trenchcoats, so that you can look like a badass while you’re slaughtering your foes on the battlefield.

Need inspiration? Why not try the invisible man look, with a long sleeve top, trousers, boots, gloves, sunglasses, baseball cap, and balaclava, leaving none of your skin on display (note: this outfit will protect you from sunlight, but not bullets).

Or you could go the other way, taking to the battlefield in just your underwear and perhaps a gas mask for style, comfort, and the all-important element of surprise.

Mix it up

You can mix it up and design your own outfit, or you can acquire a coordinated ensemble by picking up a crate. But whichever sartorial path you choose to take, you’ll be able to rock a style that suits your personality thanks to Microsoft’s generous cash injection.

So redeem those points, kit yourself out, and jump into battle! Here’s the link to follow to get involved.




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