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Legend of Coin review – A legendary RPG?

Legend of Coin is a unique blend of coin pusher and RPG. You throw coins into a coin pusher, gather a few and lose a few to lava, and the cycle repeats.

But there’s way more to it than that. While you push coins an epic battle between monsters is playing out. The real goal is to defeat boss after boss while upgrading your own monsters.

Despite a slow start, Legend of Coin eventually settles into an addictive rhythm of chucking coins and bringing down legendary beasts. It’s a tough one to stop when you start.

Heads or tails

Battles play out automatically, with your summoned monsters performing an attack once you’ve collected a certain number of coins. This acts as their energy.

They can also perform special attacks but you have to collect a coloured coin. These drop regularly, and are notoriously difficult to collect due to their star shape.

You can have up to four monsters summoned at once, but you can eventually collect way more than that. These are unlocked by collecting special monster coins, buying them outright with coins or your own cash, or placing high in the constantly changing leaderboard.

Collect more of the same monsters and they’ll level up, increasing their attack and unlocking new abilities. You’ll find yourself swapping them around often, which is part of the fun.

Heads up! 

Make no mistake though, defeating a boss is absolutely where the excitement lies here. Once one of these legendary monsters fall, water cascades onto the coin pusher.

This pushes the vast majority of the coins in play into your inventory. You’ll instantly gain a chunk of XP, collect a monster or power up, and charge up a bunch of attacks.

That’s right – attacks charge. When your next opponent appears for battle, all of the attacks will be unleashed at once. It’s feasibly possible to bring down an opponent almost as soon as they appear this way – especially if you gather a bunch of special attack coins.

Not only that though, the coin pusher gets showered in coins, and you get in with a chance of gathering some special coins to.

Occasionally, these float along the screen, and you have to fire a bunch of coins at them to drop them into the pusher. It adds a nice bit of frantic action to proceedings.

Flip a coin

To get to the exciting parts you have to ultimately be good at pushing and collecting coins. This is far from a game that plays itself.

This is even more apparent in the beginning, when you only have a single monster that doesn’t deal an awful lot of damage. It’s slow going then.

You’ll end up watching a bunch of video ads to recharge your coins, and impatiently praying for the boss to fall so you can get the oh so sweet rewards that follow.

It also doesn’t help that the special coins are so difficult to collect. They’re in varying different shapes from stars, orbs, or carved figurines of the monsters, so it’s really difficult to predict where they’re going to move when you try and push them.

But then you’re also trying to gather a bunch of them at once, so it becomes a surprisingly difficult balancing act. That’s kind of the point, but it’s particularly punishing during at the beginning because you really need these coins to progress.

The special coins are particularly handy. They might throw up a magma wall to temporarily prevent coin losses or rain coins down onto the pusher.

Pushing you away

Really, that’s my biggest criticism – that Legend of Coin short changes itself so much in the opening hour by slowing the pace down far more than it will ever be once you’ve settled into a rhythm.

And it’s a real shame because there is a very fun game here, but many won’t see it because they’ll reach for that uninstall button once they’ve run out of coins a few times.

To its credit, you can mitigate this a bit by either watching a bunch of video ads to gather enough in game cash to summon a monster, or paying for a very small IAP to unlock a bunch all at once.

But the vast majority of players won’t pay for an IAP while they remain unconvinced, and that isn’t going to change until they see the core loop. Really, this needs a tutorial and a far more forgiving opening hour that showers you with rewards.

Legend of Coin

Ultimately, Legend of Coin is a fiercely addictive coin pusher RPG that provides a refreshing challenge in a genre that largely plays itself.

Gathering coins really isn’t easy – particularly when it comes to special attacks or monster coins, so you’re going to have to come up with real strategies to collect them.

But the monster battles are where the experience really shines. You’re never in any real danger, but the rewards gained from bringing down a legendary beast will keep you playing until you’ve defeated the next one.

Now, pardon me while I go do just that. You can download Legend of Coin for free right now on Google Play.

Coining it in

A fiercely addictive coin pusher RPG that's well worth investigating for fans of the genre.










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