After remastering The Silver Case and its sequel 25 Ward on modern platforms, Grasshopper Manufacture has set its sights on bringing its cult hit Killer Seven to Steam.

Killer Seven coming to Steam

Announced during a panel discussing the company’s history at this year’s Momocon, the remaster arrives this Fall.

The Steam release won’t be a remake but a graphical refresh. Grasshopper has told Game Informer the game’s simple models and colors scale nicely to modern resolutions. Additionally, mouse-and-keyboard aficionados will be happy to know they’ll be able to use their mouse to aim at the many weakpoints on the Heaven’s Smiles.

The Steam version is a collaboration between Grasshopper and Engine Software. NIS America will publisher the title with Capcom’s blessing. The remaster has not been announced for consoles. What about the gameplay?


The game follows an elite group of assassins called the “killer seven”. The assassins, physical manifestations of a man named Harman Smith, perform hits on behalf of the United States government. Through these missions, the killer seven uncover a deeper conspiracy regarding the role of Japan in U.S. politics and secrets about the nature of their organization. Killer seven is a first-person shooter with a unique on rails control scheme. The core adventure-style gameplay has been compared to Myst and Snatcher.

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