Interview with Atchiin – Clash Royale Crown Championship LATAM Spring Champion

With the Clash Royale Crown Championship taking place live in Los Angeles, the trek was not an easy one for the game’s Latin American players who qualified for the spring finals.  This was especially true for LATAM champion Erick “Atchiin” Wu: based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Erick not only had to take a 12+ hour flight to reach LA, but also had to miss an important exam that was scheduled on the same weekend as the Finals.  We had a chance to speak with Atchiin to learn more about his journey, and his thoughts on the Crown Championship:

MoEsport: In order for you to attend the Clash Royale Crown Championship Spring Finals, you had to miss out on your second phase test (an important college entrance examination in Brazil).  How did you come to the decision to prioritize attending the Crown Championship over taking the test?

Atchiin: It was unlucky that the test was scheduled on the same weekend, and there was no way that it can be rescheduled.  What it came down to was that I can join college whenever I want, but traveling to LA and competing in a championship is an unique experience that I might not have the opportunity to experience again.

MoEsport: And it turned out to be a great decision, as your first 2 opponents were unable to make the trip, thus giving you a bye all the way to the semi-finals! So let’s talk about your tournament experience: everyone was joking that chairs were not available when the tournament first started, but you actually chose to lie down to play rather than sit on the gaming chair. What went through your mind when you made that switch?

Atchiin: I just feel more comfortable lying on the ground. The flooring actually reminds me of the rug at my cousin’s house, soft with little furs all over.  I would always play Clash Royale like that on the floor whenever I’m there.

MoEsport: In your profile video prior to the tournament you mentioned that you have practiced meditation since you were young after learning from your grandma. How often do you meditate? And do you also meditate before playing Clash Royale at home?

Atchiin: *Laughs* I would say 90% of the video is exaggerated, I don’t even really meditate!  But they (the production crew) really wanted me to say something along those lines.  I just have a little bit of knowledge of it, as my grandma does meditate all day and did teach me a few things.  I am really into parts of Chinese culture though, like Kung Fu.

MoEsport: Well, at least playing in your comfort zone (ie. lying on the ground) seemed to have helped, and you did end up winning the tournament! What did your friends and family think about you winning $15,000 from playing a mobile game?

Atchiin: They are all really proud of me.  Everyone was cheering for me back at home, and were probably more nervous than I was!

MoEsport: Unlike other previous tournaments, you and Adrian Piedra will now be guaranteed to play again in the Round Robin for the Fall season for a chance to win even bigger cash prizes! How will you look to prepare for this?

Atchiin: Right now, I am looking forward to join a competitive team, so I play against some skilled players.  I will also probably push some high level accounts on ladder to practice.

MoEsport: Finally, what are your thoughts on the state of the Clash Royale competitive scene? Is there anything you would personally like to see improve?

Atchiin: Yes, I think there are many things that can be improved.  I personally like the card ban system that is being used by the Crown Championship in Asia.  This would allow for a much wider variety of decks and strategies, and favor versatility over mastering just one deck.  This would also minimize the effectiveness of counter decks.

Follow the latest from Atchiin on his official Twitter account as he prepares for the Fall season and possibly a trip to the World finals! 

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