I’ll be the first to admit I’m not much of a mouse & keyboard gamer. For starters, I’ve been a member of the cult of Mac since high school, going from an eMac to a Mac Mini to my current MacBook Pro. This spring, I’m trading in my current rig for one of those dope ass iMacs. In the same time I’ve been tethering myself to hardware out of One Infinite Loop, handheld devices have provided me with a majority of my gaming experiences with select other titles strewn throughout.

The pendulum started to turn the other way about six years ago. Steam launched for Mac OS X in 2010. I downloaded it right away for the free copy of Portal, but didn’t do too much with the client as World of Warcraft was my current obsession. When I upgraded to my current MacBook, a coworker goaded me into going all-in with Steam. With increased Mac OS support from developers and cheap-ass prices from Steam Sales and various Humble Bundles, my library exploded from just a couple of games into a collection that easily dwarfed every other gaming device I owned.

Today, I logged into my Steam account to find a majority of that collection no longer works.

I just reinstalled Steam to find 80% of my library no longer works for me screenshot

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