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Heel-turn: Kain’s Legacy

Heel-turn: Kain's Legacy screenshot

[I remember playing the hell out of those old PS1 demo discs back in the day, and I must have gone through that one section of Soul Reaver over thirty damn times. I miss those things so much. It’s just not the same when you can download it so easily.

I remember buying whole magazines, immediately throwing away the paper bullshit, and staring giddily at the little cardboard sleeve that showed me all the awesome games I’d finally get to try.

Kerrik52 took me right down memory lane and threw his hat in the ring for this month’s Bloggers Wanted prompt. Now his words are right here on the Front Page! If you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to the cblogs and slap some thoughts together. – Kevin]

Let me tell you of a man who escaped death’s door. Let me tell you of a king who brought the world to its knees. Let me tell you of a god who shaped Nosgoth’s history. Let me tell you of Kain.

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