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Gorgeous interdimensional sci-fi adventure Deliria just got even better

Developer Eldritch only released its stylish space exploration game Deliria a few weeks ago, and it’s already followed the launch with a game-changing update.

Let’s start at the beginning. The year is 2107, about 50 years after an asteroid collided with Earth and created a dimensional rift.

Never a species to pass up a commercial opportunity, humanity has developed the ability to travel between dimensions and harvest a valuable substance called Delirium, which has paranormal properties.

Delirious about Deliria

You are a Delirium miner, but when you arrive in dimension LG7 to establish a mine you awake to discover that much of your crew is stranded in the wormhole you’ve just passed through.

So not only do you have to set up a mine, but you have to rescue your hapless crewmates.

What follows is a gorgeous and unique genre-straddling adventure in which you have to explore, defend your base, collect artefacts, build up your mining operation, upgrade your towers, and find out what the hell is going on.

There are six diverse zones to explore, and you’ll come across some weird, terrifying extra-terrestrial monsters on your travels. There are also three different classes of mercenary to recruit, each of which has six unique skills.

Along the way you’ll pick up data logs and gradually unravel the deadly mysteries of dimension LG7.

Updated Deliria

Earlier this week, Eldritch rolled out the first big update for Deliria, making innumerable little changes that all add up to making the game even more seamlessly enjoyable to play.

For example, animations have been smartened up, text now appears instantly when you find a data log, order indicators have been added to Engineers and Miners, and so on.

Deliria was already a great game, but now it’s even better, and we can expect it to keep on growing and improving thanks to the obvious dedication of the Eldritch team.


You can grab Deliria on Google Play and the App Store right now. You can also visit the game’s official site to learn more about the title here.



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