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Evade ghosts and evil pumpkins in Hallows’ Eve, a retro endless runner set in Brookyn

Ghosts, vampires, and werewolves are all scary in their own way, but if you want a real scare just try walking around old school New York.

That’s what you have to do in Hallows’ Eve, a new mobile endless-runner that transports you to a terrifying pre-gentrification Brooklyn and tasks you with surviving a night of trick or treating while avoiding ghosts and evil pumpkins.

The longer you last, the faster you go, simulating the real-life physiological effects of gorging on candy all evening.

I like candy

Hallows' Eve

Like the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things, Hallows’ Eve centres around the adventures of four children – Doug, Ruben, Sally, and Janet. All of them are wearing vintage Halloween masks, and they’re joined by a special guest: Death.

Their foes are the Ghostly Twins, a pair of transparent white sheets, and Pumpkin Head, a spindly green monster with, yes, a pumpkin for a head. And if you thought a white haze and an orange fruit couldn’t pose a serious risk to your health, you’re dead wrong.

As with trick or treating in real life, the ultimate prize is the full size candy bar. Grab one of these and you’ll be able to instantly disintegrate any ghosts and pumpkin monsters you run across for a limited time.

Hallows’ Eve is a real (trick and) treat

Hallows’ Eve is the first Android game from Brown & Jackson projects, an award-winning husband and wife team of creatives who wanted to create a nostalgic experience for younger players. They joined forces with ace composer Lori Scacco to make it a reality.

Parents will be relieved to hear that Hallows’ Eve contains no in-app purchases whatsoever. For the introductory price of 89p you’ll be able to download the game in full, and enjoy the promised updates at your leisure.


Hallows’ Eve is available on Google Play and the App Store now. Grab it in time for Halloween.



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