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Eternity Guardians is a deep yet casual mobile hack and slasher, out now

A shady organisation called Pandora has abducted your sister. An army of orcs has invaded your realm. You’re a kick-ass demigod, half deity and half human (or elf). What do you do?

You kill everyone of course.

Eternity Guardians is an action-RPG set in a “reimagined” world of Norse mythology. It sees you slashing, hacking, smacking, chopping, and otherwise pulverising assorted fantasy creatures and hulking bosses.

Axe-ing for trouble

You start off doing this with a giant battleaxe, before unlocking several other weapons which you can seamlessly swap in and out during battle. You can also upgrade, enhance, and “awaken” your weapons and other items to maximise your killing potential.

Speaking of killing potential, during battles you can deploy several special attacks and even finishing moves, laying waste to your many enemies and causing them to produce piles of gold to take into your inventory and spend on upgrades.

That’s the cycle of Eternity Guardians: it’s as much about upgrading as fighting, with each battle yielding more gold and other items to spend on preparing yourself for the next battle, and making you ever more invincible to your hapless enemies.

Spend an eternity with Eternity Guardians

Eternity Guardians

Beyond the main campaign, where you hack your way through a series of battles at three different difficulty levels, there are various other violence-based things to do. You can join a Siege Boss battle once a day, fight in a Guild War once a week, and jump into 3v3 battles whenever you feel like it.

Plus, you can collect and train your own pets, recruit companions, customise your costume, and decorate your wings. What more could any action-RPG fan ask for?

Eternity Guardians is absolutely packed with things to do, like completing quests, claiming achievements and rewards, feeding your pets, and managing your inventory items and skills to ensure that you’re as deadly as can be whenever you venture into battle.

It’s a gorgeous-looking game, with high quality visuals and lots of neat touches, like how you can rotate characters in the inventory screens, and the intricate design of the armour.


Grab Eternity Guardians for free right now on Google Play. You can even download it on the App Store.

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